Do you want to spend time in Solterreno and share with us your skills and knowledge?

The volunteer program is based on the idea of mutual beneficial ​​exchange. Thanks to the support of the volunteers, the daily maintenance tasks of the centre become easier.

It is a program open to people from all over the world and from all kinds of cultures (we speak Spanish and English) and in diverse economic and personal situations.

We usually accept people who want to be with us for at least a month. We have even had cases of volunteering that has lasted for years and has been very enriching.

We think it is a good opportunity for people who want to spend time with themselves, who are in a process of change or inner search. By having several free hours each day, you can use them for your own personal work, walks in the mountains, exercising, reading, studying …

We also believe that it is a chance for people who are looking to re-orientate their life or simply like this way of life since they can enjoy a healthier life, enjoying nature.

Do you want to come to Solterreno as a volunteer?

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More information about volunteering

  1. The volunteer will offer 5 hours of work a day for 6 days a week in exchange for accommodation and food.
  2. The work schedule will generally be in the mornings with the afternoons free, although there is the possibility that the schedule may change depending on the needs of the center. The days can be both working days and holidays.
  3. The volunteer will have one day off a week. The choice of the day needs to be discussed beforehand to the organization to see which is the most convenient depending on the activities and other volunteers.
  4. The minimum time for volunteering will be 15 days, the first week being a trial for both parties.
  5. Respect for the schedules and decisions made by the organization or other volunteers is requested.
  6. There will be group meetings to share ideas, let others know how we are and suggestions, we expect the participation of the volunteer.
  7. The volunteer must have insurance that covers possible accidents and their consequences as well as illnesses. If you do not have this, we ask you to become a member of WWOOF Spain before coming, as this includes basic insurance.
  8. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed in the centre. Smoking cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas, although we recommend that you do not smoke.
  9. We require a medium level of Spanish and an interest in communicating.