We serve delicious, home-cooked, vegetarian food at Solterreno.

We aim to use high-quality ingredients where possible. You can expect a well-balanced, energetic, vegetarian menu, Mediterranean style.

Non-dairy and gluten-free options are available. Our menu is vegetarian and we can adapt it to the needs of the client or the group and to intolerances.

Much of our products are organic and bio. We do not use dairy products or refined sugars and the flour we use is whole wheat or gluten-free spelt.

Our desserts are made without refined sugars or dairy. We like that our deserts are really healthy and rich!

We like to include raw food, especially in the cakes.

Do you have any special needs in your diet?

If you stay with us you can let us know and we will assist you

If you are going to stay in our centre, do not hesitate to call us and tell us if you have any intolerances or allergies, we will adapt the menu for you.

Our typical menus


Oat, cow or rice milk

Tea, infusions, coffee and juices

Toasted bread, butter and jam

Yoghurt, fruit, raisins and nuts

Porridge and cereals

Eggs, cheese and tomato



Vegetable paella

Oriental rice pasta

Vegetable curry with rice

Tofu or seitan stew

Dessert – Cake or fruit

Tea, infusions, coffee,


Hummus or vegetarian pates

Vegetable creams according to season.

Baked Miso and Vegetable Soup

Homemade pizza (gluten-free option)

Tea, infusions, coffee,

Bread and fruit