Do you want to relax and spend quality time with yourself?

At Solterreno we offer massages whether you are with us on a retreat, a course, an event or if you come to receive the massage and spend the day with us.

Massage is one of the oldest tools for pain relief (both physical and mental). Its use and evolution have gone hand in hand with humanity until it has become a professional technique with which we can provide relaxation and alleviate or eliminate specific ailments in the body.

Some of the general benefits of massage: improves and regulates the immune system, relaxes the muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation, nourishes and detoxifies the skin, helps to clear the mind, relieves pain because it regulates the nervous system, produces tranquillity and relaxation, generates endorphins …


At Solterreno we offer you both relaxing and therapeutic massages, depending on your tastes and needs. We also offer energetic massages in which the Reiki  is also combined, therefore, while performing the massage, energetic blocks that the person may have may also be released. All this is always done with the maximum possible attention and care of the person to obtain the maximum benefit.